This stars are easy to make.  I used 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC (I don't like using the cheap PVC because it is just too flimsy) and I cut five pieces of PVC to the same length.  Drill holes in the ends of the PVC (just big enough for a tie-rap to go through), place the five pieces in the shape of a five point star (you can measure if you want to be exact), and tie-rap the PVC pieces together at the ends.  When you have it in the shape that you want (you can even skew the stars if you want each star to be a little different), tie-rap every where a PVC piece overlaps (for strength).  Very easy.  I made five foot stars (and one four foot - just to be different).  My thought process was that I was using regular incandescent $2 a string, 100 count Lowes Christmas lights and each string is approximately 24' long.  So, if you take a little short cut inside the points of the star that would be about 5' times 5 sides which is about 24' (New Math).  The four foot star had plenty left over so I just overlapped one of the pieces of pipe.  I used three different colors of lights.  Clear, Multi and Blue to match my border, Mega Tree, Dancing Tree and roof ridgeline.  Normally, I would put two strings of each color just to really fatten up the lights but this year I was out of power.  All "ON" I was sitting around 360 amps.  Sooo, until I can afford LED's I had to cut back on light strings - one of each color was all I could do!  I did not paint the PVC because at night all I saw was lights.  It looked GOOD!!!  If your stars are in a highly visible area during the day and you want your display to look good even during the daylight hours you could put a wrapping of red electrical tape around the pipe.  It's easy, I do it to all my border hoops, and it looks very Christmassy during the day.

Here's some pics.........



The pic below is just to show the red electrical tape on 1/2" PVC (border hoops) and 3/4" PVC (spikes).  C'mon, it looks good!!!!!!!!


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