A nice, easy addition to any Christmas display, static or computerized, is the beautiful sounds of Christmas songs!  I use these big ol' speakers for two reasons.  One, I already own them (I'm in a band) and two, simplicity.  All I have to do is open my garage door and the stereo is ready to rock!  The first year I used these I hauled them outside every night.  These things are HEAVY!!!  Got a little smarter the second year!  I need large speakers because it is approximately 100' from my garage to the street where the people stand to watch my display.  To get a decent sound volumn out to the street I have to crank this system up so that if you are standing in front of these speakers at the garage it is almost unbearable, at the end of my driveway it's still a little too loud (at least for me, the kids like it), but on the opposite side of my display the level is almost too low (but the older people like it there).  Anyhow, it all works out.  Now, do you need huge speakers??????  Absolutely not!  If my house was closer to the street I would just use a house stereo or boom box.  I have seen (on other Christmas websites) the use of those fake rocks with speakers so you can have sound right where the people are and your landscaping and display still look marvelous!!!   Again, this isn't just for computerized displays.  Everyone loves Christmas lights and if your display looks good, it looks good!!!  Sooo, no matter how you light it up, the kids are still going to have the windows down and will be hanging out of the car window to check out your display.  Why not have some Christmas music enhance the experience?  It makes 'em smile!!!!!

PS - I would be remiss if I did not mention FM transmitters.  Again, just another way to get Christmas music to your audience.  There, in the comfort of their car, they can change the car radio to your broadcasting frequency and listen to your Christmas music while staying nice and warm!  And yes, it's all legal.  You can build or purchase a low power FM transmitter.  My transmitter will transmit maybe 500' without too much signal loss.  That's about two to three houses down from each side of me.  That's all you need!  If you are interested, check out Ramsey Electronics (  As I mentioned, you can save money and build a kit or you can purchase a fully built and tested radio.  I bought a kit on e-Bay but I also see the ready to go radios for sale.  I was just trying to save money!!!

As you can see in the pic below, you can hardly tell my left garage door is open.  Especially when the lights are all going crazy!!!


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