What Inspired Me To Create Dearing Dazzle

I caught the bug after seeing Carson William's famous Wizards In Winter Christmas light display right before Christmas 2005.  Then after some research I saw the Trykoski's, Marty Slack's, The Lindsay Brothers and several other displays.  If you haven't seen these displays, well, you need to.  They are truely a work of art!  The best way to view these displays is on the internet.  Go to Light-O-Rama and click on "Videos".  Their displays are amazing!  So after seeing these displays, doing a lot of research, and getting lots of help from the good people at Light-O-Rama (Dan) and also good friends on the web sites Lone Star Holidays, Planet Christmas and several other sites I started putting the Dearing Dazzle show together.  Christmas 2006 was my first year and it was AWESOME!!!  Of course, every year got better!   So here it is, another year and another Christmas is sneaking up fast!  I'm excited and can't wait for another wonderful season.  I would like to thank all my elf friends that have ever helped with anything (too many elves to name)!  I am grateful for all the great past memories and I'm looking foward to many more!  See you soon!

Master Elf Clyde

  Master Elf Clyde: clyde@dearingdazzle.com

    Mrs. Elf Tamra: tamra@dearingdazzle.com


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