Super Chuck's Hanging Tree Balls


This is an easy project.  All you need is a 6" styrofoam ball (you can get this at any hobby store), some wire (in this case Chuck used some left over, 14 gauge stranded single conductor wire) and a string of lights.  As you can see in the picture, Chuck wrapped the 14 gauge wire around the styrofoam ball and then left about 22" of wire to hang the ball with.  You can make the length any size you desire.  Chuck uses the extra length of wire to wrap the end around a branch of the tree (the 14 gauge wire is stiff enough to hold this decoration with no problems).  All you have to do now is wrap the ball with your string of lights!  Chuck used a 70 count string of multi LED's on his Tree Balls.  Of course, the vibrant LED colors looks beautiful in his trees!!!

Here's some pics!!!


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