Dearing Dazzle FM Radio Call Letters Sign


OK, OK, OK!!!  I cheated on this one.  I had Fast Signs use my design and my font (Frosty) and I had two acrylic signs made that fit a standard "realtors" frame that you can stab into the ground.  If I remember correctly, the two signs and two metal frames cost about $120.00.  The lettering is machine cut out of vinyl and I've used them for two years and they show no signs of wear.  All I did was make a box (with 1/4" plywood) to fit over the back of the acrylic sign that I could staple lights into.  I used a 50 count, clear incandescent mini string to light it up and they worked just fine.  I painted the plywood red with good ol' Wal-Mart $1 can of paint.  I also just ty-rapped the box on to the back of the realtor sign frame by drilling holes in the edge of the plywood.  To finish it off I ty-rapped some colorful, shiney tinsel garland around the edge of the sign.

Now, you're probably thinking, what's that black square thing near the bottom of the sign (top photo)?  Well, I have no idea!!!

Here's a couple of pics!


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