Rudy The Talking Reindeer


 I owe credit for Rudy to it's creator Marty Slack.  Marty has, I believe, the best Christmas display probably in the world.  He also has a little "How To" on Rudy.  Check out his handy work at Christmas Utah.  Like Marty, I made Rudy out of coroplast.  Coroplast is what they make most small roadside signs out of (like realtor signs).  It's easy to work with.  Just draw your image on the backside, drill 7/32" holes (for most 100 count mini lights) every 3/4" to 1" and stick in your mini lights.  Rudy used four channels.  One channel for the main body of Rudy, one for Mouth Open, one for Mouth Closed and one for Shiney Nose.  Here's some pics of the construction:

Here's the back with Rudy sketched in.                               Here's the front after I drilled all the holes.


Here's the back after placement in the yard.


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