Yes, this is another easy project.  I saw these Penguins at Lowes and since they were holding a song book and their heads rock back and forth (for movement) I had to have them because they were perfect for my display.  They came in a set of two and I bought two (four penguins total) because I was looking for a nice chorus.  A small one and a large one in each set and I think they cost about $70 each.  They already had lights in them so all I did was cut a circular disk out of plywood that I got out of a trash dumpster where they were building a new house here in the neighborhood.  Note:  You can find lots of good scraps of wood if you just drive through a new neighborhood and rummage through their trash piles of wood.  I painted the disks red with $1 cans of paint from Wal-Mart.  Since I had four of them I took a 10' piece of 4" Schedule 40 PVC and cut it into four pieces (2 1/2 feet each).  I bought four 4" flanges and screwed them into the bottom of the plywood.  I striped the 4" PVC with red duct tape and red electrical tape.  I also glued a 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe, 18" long, inside the 4" PVC so that I could jam a 3/8" piece of rebar in the ground and slide Mr. Penguin over the top.  The poles worked really well because I was out of space in my yard for new decorations and I stuck these in the ditch.  Since the poles lifted them 2 1/2 feet they were back to a perfect height.  I told you it was easy.  And they looked good when I programmed them to sing!!!

You can read more about how to stripe the 4" PVC and about gluing in the 1/2" PVC by checking out the North Poles.

OK, now check out the pics!


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