The N.E.R.D. (New Electrical Receptacle Device)

Meet Super Chuck, my next door neighbor.......


He is an electrician by trade and is responsible for building the sixteen, 20 Amp GFCI receptacle, 200 Amp total N.E.R.D. (New Electrical Receptacle Device).


 He is as excited as I am about getting this display working and he too is crazy about Christmas lights!  His yard won the award for Holiday Magic in our neighborhood last year.  When I decided that I was going to do this computerized display this year he volunteered to build the power head.  It is now connected into the main panel and all we have left to do is cut some concrete around the garage door so all the extension cords can get out with the garage door closed.  It's good to have an electrician next door!!!  Thanks Chuck, for your support and hard work!!!!!!!!!

Check out the finished product!!!

This is WAY cool!!!!!!!!!!
(Notice the little red LED lights are "ON"!!!!!!)


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