Mini Trees


Ya gotta love Mini Trees!!!  They dance and shimmer and streak all over the place!  I was going to have mini trees that changed colors but that may have to wait until next year.  Need more channels!!!!!!!!!!  This is easy.  I bought metal easels at Hobby Lobby (there were two sizes, I got the larger size with the heavier gauge metal).  At the time (2006) they cost about $2.50 each.  I cut the longer leg (it is an easel ya know) to match the other two legs.  Then I wrapped lights and ty-rapped them on to the metal legs of the easel.  Since I had 24 mini trees to make I "borrowed" a Lazy Susan platter from my wife's pantry.  I used good ol' duct tape to tape the bottom of the legs down to the Lazy Susan and then the wifey would spin the platter while I would wrap the lights, stopping every two or three turns to put on a ty-rap.  We would do two or three a night while we watched TV.  It was really easy to do!

This pic shows my mini trees "circling" Rudy the talking reindeer (Thanks to Marty Slack for the talking reindeer idea!!!)

This pic isn't that good but it shows my 24 mini trees that I have lined up in a pattern that sweeps across my yard and does a circle in the middle!



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