Monster Mega Tree


I'm installing the mega tree in another large pine tree in the front yard.  I'm hoping to rig up a pulley system in case a string goes out it will make it easier to repair.  The plan is simple.  Ty-rap four different color string of lights to each cable (16 cables) and put a large star on top.  This eats up 66 Light-O-Rama channels!!!!  Hope it looks good!  Actually, I just hope it works!!!!!!!!


Well, all good plans get revised.  My wife had this brilliant idea that if we doubled the strings of light it would look even better.  Well, I jumped all over that since I saved some wattage on the Dearing Dancing Tree.  Soooooo, we put eight strings of lights (two for each color) on each of the sixteen cables (which took us two full days of cabling and ty-rapping).  Everything was going great.  We tested the lights in the garage and they looked beautiful!!!  Then came the big problem.  When I tried to hoist them up with the single pulley, at first the weight wasn't bad but as I pulled up the strings it got heavier and heavier.  I was pulling as hard as I could and struggled from about half way up until I got about two feet from the top and then even with my 200 lbs I could not pull the cables up.  I also noticed that the eyehook was bending down.  I brought everything back down and opted for a new plan.  The new plan was a bigger eye hook that I drilled through the two x four  mounting apparatus and into the tree itself (with no eye hook shaft sticking out).  Then my neighbor Dale Tiemann offered up a double roller pulley.  I mounted the double pulley on the mounting apparatus and the single pulley on the ring with all the cables attached.  Everything went much smoother but when I got near the top I could barely get the cables all the way up due to the weight.  My biggest fear now is that the rope I'm using (3/8") is going to break under the weight and everything is going to come crashing down.  Well, so far, so good.  Of course, I only allotted two days for the Monster Mega Tree but it took a solid four days to get that thing up.  BUT, we tested it last night and it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully, I'll get some videos soon!

Here's a few pics of the Monster Mega Tree going up!

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