Medium Mini Trees


Another easy project!  The medium mini's are the four small trees in this pic (in front of the Mega Tree and on both sides of the Dancing Tree).  I used three pieces of rebar four feet long.  I cut a small piece of 3/4" PVC about 3/4" long and hammered the three pieces of rebar into the PVC piece.  I cut three pieces of 1/2" PVC about 12" long and shaped a triangle that formed the base of the Medium Mini.  I tie-rapped the rebar to the three corners of the 1/2" PVC triangle and that's about it!  I normally would have loaded the tree up with lights but this year I was out of power (360 amps all "on") so I only put three strings of lights on each tree.  I tie-rapped the first string to the top of the tree (using the female end) and wrapped it all the way down so the male end (that plugs into controller) would be at the bottom.  I made six trees and tried to find six different colors of lights.  I found (locally) red, green, orange (Halloween lights), purple (Halloween lights), pink and gold (yellow).

It doesn't look very big in the yard but it really is!

Yes, I'm sure you noticed I didn't cut any ends off of the ty-raps.  Well, not enough time last year and you can't see them at night!!!


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