Super Chuck's Merry Christmas Sign

This is another pretty easy "coroplast" project.  Super Chuck made this Merry Christmas sign but you can easily make a sign that says anything you want!  Chuck had a big, blank spot over his garage that he wanted to cover, sooooo, he made a Merry Christmas sign!!!   Like the other coroplast projects, you mark your design on the back (make sure it's the back in case you have a preference for which side orientation you want to see in front).  You mark holes about 1" apart.  This is approximate because if you have a certain space you are working with you may have to shorten or lengthen, a little, the spacing for your lights.  Then drill a hole that best matches one size drill bit down from the outside diameter of your light.  For instance, my incandescent mini light is 1/4" in diameter and I drilled a 7/32" hole - nice and tight for my incandescent mini light.  Super Chuck, on the other hand, had LED mini lights.  His LED mini light diameter was 9/32" and he drilled a 1/4" diameter hole.  Again, a nice, tight fit.  The plastic of the coroplast really helps hold the light in place without the hassle of messy glue or weird clips.  Gotta love coroplast!  I wish I had a good picture of this sign in action.  The green LED's were bright green and really lit the sign up!!!  It was beautiful!!!!!

Here's some construction pics!


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