Super Elf Chuck's Lollipops


Tools Required

Drill motor with 1/4" drill bit
Saw ( to cut PVC to length & a slot)
Wire cutters
Measuring tape
Something to cut Re-bar (bolt cutters or saw to cut part way then it is breakable)


2" PVC schedule 40  (my sticks were 24-48 inches)
2" PVC couplings
Balls for lollipops    *** ($.93 walmart   -   the balls will lose some air during storage) ***
Insulated wire (cheap stuff, just to be used to secure balls to PVC coupling)
3/8" re-bar
ty-wraps (optional..... used to help secure lights to ball)

Build A Lollipop

1.  Prep the 2"coupling

Drill four 1/4" holes  approximately 5/8" down (halfway down the top section) from the top.
       Space the holes at 3,6,9 & 12 o'clock.  (you will be using the opposing holes to slide wire thru to
       connect the coupling to the ball).
Drill one more hole on the bottom half . This hole can be used for storage of the lollipop
        without the stem (hang them in the rafters).

    2.  Connect the ball to the coupling

 Wrap a piece of wire around ball, thru two opposing holes in coupling and twist wire tight (pliers)
Repeat using the remaining two holes (the wire can twist together anywhere on the ball or in the coupling as the lights will hide your work).

  3.  Prep the 2" PVC

Cut to length (the ball and coupling will add approximately 12" to your height)
Drill two 1/4" holes at bottom (make sure when you put holes they are at the very bottom as these are to be notches for extension cords)
Drill 1/4" hole 1-1/2 (inch and a half) down from top side.
Cut (jig saw is best) from top of PVC to each side of hole to make a slot (this is to slide an extension cord in the slot sideway to the hole and then turn it sideways. When the coupling is put on top  it locks the cord in).  The slot also allows the coupling to slide on and OFF but the fit is secure enough to stay together!




  4.  Cut re-bar approximately 6" longer than each 2" PVC

Put re-bar in ground at locations desired
Wrap each lollipop stem with lights (white for traditional) and put over re-bar (don't wait too long with exposed re-bar for kid safety!!!)

 5.  Wrap each lollipop with lights and connect coupling to PVC  (just slide it on)

 6.  Connect power!!!

  Notes:  There are different options for your own show.  If need be the last two steps of #3 you can make a bigger hole if you want two cords at the top.  You don't have to if you want the channel at the top to be for lollipop and stick.  Or the stick could simply go to cord at the bottom and cord at top for two separate channels.

If the wires are twisted together inside the coupling make sure to push them all to center as not to interfere with the slip fit of coupling and PVC!

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