Leaping Lights

Whoa!  The Leaping Lights weren't that easy to make but they really weren't that hard.  I will say that between building them and programming them you will stay very busy!!!  Of course the Leaping Lights are the three arches in the center section of the picture.  I followed instructions from Ken in Tennessee using 3/4" Schedule 40 PVC.  I had my wife turn one end of the pipe while I wrapped the lights.  One string of 100 count clear incandescent minis lit 19 1/2" of pipe (one channel of Light-O-Rama).  I used 12 channels (I believe Ken used 15) and my arches are about 19' - 6" long.  I hammered two, 4' pieces of 3/8" rebar into the ground at 10' - 9" wide.  This made a nice arch about 7 feet tall.  Ken made an instructional video which can be viewed on YouTube at the following link:



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