Super Elf Chuck's LED Info

June 6, 2008 - Update!!!

Super Chuck found another vendor that was willing to work with us and give us some breaks on purchasing LED lights.  Even though Chuck bought a lot of his last year, I still need LED's everywhere!!!   Soooo, I bit the bullet and ordered from Terry Kimball at Kimball Lighting.  She worked with us on pricing, she sent us samples for us to test different colors, she kept us informed and she made the transaction almost painless.  Of course, the pain was forking out big cash for LED's but I really needed to do this.  I'm out of power (pulling over 360 amps "all on") and my old incandescents were fading fast!!!
Thank you Terry!!!!!

Here's her info:

Terry Kimball
Kimball Lighting
Office:  303 452 5506
Cell:  303 525 5194

This is info about the LED's that Super Chuck used in his display this year (2007).  We liked them a lot!  The colors were beautiful, they were the professional sealed LED's, they dimmed and shimmered using our Light-O-Rama controllers and not one string failed.  Can't beat that with a Super Chuck Lollipop stick!!!  Here's the info:

Gary Reid, General Manager
Holiday Direct, LLC
300 Buffalo Jump Road
Three Forks, MT 59752
406-284-4326 Fax

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