Ramsey FM 100B Super Pro FM Stereo Radio Station Kit


I was really worried about this project.  I wanted to save some money and I work with electronics every day (medical diagnostic x-ray systems) but I don't know caca about building radios.  Luckily the Ramsey installation manual was VERY explanatory and walks you right through all the steps.  This is not for everyone.  It's especially hard for old people like me who need reading glasses to read with.  I didn't have a fancy soldering station with a huge lighted magnifying glass so I set up my little lava light and I used a little hand held magnifying glass to examine every solder joint I made and I also had to use it to read the types of resistors, diodes, chips, etc.  Fortunately, everything went perfect and it worked great right from the beginning.  I've done some testing (I warned the neighbors first in case of TV or radio interference) and I'm broadcasting without any noise a good 400 ft.  From about 400 to 600 ft. the signal starts dropping off a bit and I start getting a little noise.  It's all over after about 700 ft.  But, 400 ft. is good!  That gives me good solid static free sound three houses down on either side of me.  That's all I need!!!

The beginning!

Almost done!!!

It was great hearing Christmas music in August while it was 100 degrees outside!!!!

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