Dearing Dancing Tree


As you can read on the sketch I was planning on having vibrant LED colors on my dancing tree but those little LED's are VERY expensive.  I guess I will have to wait a few years until the pricing comes down on those guys or until I hit the LOTTO!!!  That's why I have a 200 AMP N.E.R.D.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS - I'm also going to use five legs instead of three to make the tree look more rounded.  Yep, it's ugly during the day but it dances     at night!!!!!


11/8/2006  Well, so much for the plans.  I realized if I wrapped the entire tree the bottom circumference would be 11 feet.  At that rate I would wind up using more strings of lights than I could handle with the controllers (8 amps max).  So, I did a little modification to the plans and decided to only light the front side (it's the only side visible to the public anyhow).  I used four legs to make the tree look more rounded and I wound up using FAR less lights than I had originally planned which is good since I was creeping over the 200 amp total range.  Anyhow, here's a couple of pics and videos of how it turned out.


It doesn't look it in the pics but it's 9 feet tall to the top of the star.  Here's the videos:

 Dancing Tree Video 1

 Dancing Tree Video 2

 Dancing Tree Video 3

If the video won't play you may need to download QuickTime by Apple.  QuickTime is a FREE movie player available Here.

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