Dale (The Yelling Neighbor)


 Dale was hard to make!  That's a lot of holes to drill and a lot of mini's to plug into coroplast!  But the show must go on!  All for about a two second showing during the song "Decorations" by Bob Rivers.  Hey, it's the details that count!  Anyhow, I started with a sheet of coroplast.  I had Dale's wife (yes, Dale really is my neighbor and a very good sport!!!) trace him while he was laying on the coroplast.  After that you have to mark where to drill the holes (approximately 3/4" to 1") along the trace lines.  Drill a 7/32" hole (for most 100 count mini's) and plug in your lights.  My "Dale" used five channels of a controller.  One for his main body, one for Arms Up, one for Arms Out, one for Mouth Open and one for Mouth Closed.  Watch the "Decorations" video to see Dale in action!


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