Baby NERD (New Electrical Receptacle Device)


 Super Chuck built another NERD!  This time a Baby NERD!!!  The Baby NERD is the smaller one on the left.  The big NERD handles 100 amps per side for a total of 200 amps and the Baby NERD handles 50 amps per side for a total of 100 amps.  Together, they handle 300 amps of Crazy Christmas Power!!!!!!!!!  For the Baby NERD I installed a double 50 amp breaker in my house main breaker panel.  I'm not going to go into more detail because of the dangers involved with high voltage.  Trust me, this is one area you want to leave to the professionals.  Luckily for me, Super Chuck is a Master Electrician and fellow Christmas light aholic!!!  If you have any power related questions you can e-mail Super Chuck at:

  Super Chuck is always willing to help!!!

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