2007 Videos

All videos on this page are in Windows Media File format (wmv).

New!!! - Check it out!!!  >>>   Christmas At The Schmids

New!!! - Check it out!!!  >>>  Decorations (Walkabout - Chuck and Clyde's Yard!)

New!!! - Check it out!!!  >>>  Hot Chocolate (Walkabout - Chuck and Clyde's Yard!)

Wonderful Christmas Time     9 Meg

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer     9.8 Meg

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town     9.2 Meg

Solar Power     1.7 Meg

Frosty The Snowman     8.4 Meg

Little Saint Nick     8.3 Meg

Porky, Voiceover and Elvis Blue Christmas     10.3 Meg

Christmas Don't Be Late     9.1 Meg

Carol Of The Bells     12 Meg

Technical Difficulties (Chuck and Clyde)     2.5 Meg

Technical Difficulties (Spencer and Clyde)    2.5 Meg

Technical Difficulties (Truitt and Clyde)    2.5 Meg

You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch     11.8 Meg

Decorations     8.2 Meg

Hot Chocolate     9.5 Meg

Yellow Snow     9.5 Meg

Wizards In Winter     11.5 Meg

We Wish You A Merry Christmas     3.9 Meg

Decorations (Live!)     9 Meg

Hot Chocolate (Live!)     9 Meg

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